ser-001 Selway/BPMF 
ser-002 Auto Kinetic/Synapse 
ser-003 VA/Loops 
ser-004 Synapse "Get the Freaks and Get Some" 

I love Synapse's "Get the Freaks and Get Some" for its electro-tonic 'techno in the New York house tip. "Get Some" just keeps you jamming while its temperature gently rises and "The Freak" is a '90's P-Freakin Funk tribute, if you know what I mean.  

Jason Szostek and John Selway (aka BPMF, Rancho Relaxo) turn out four bad-ass electronic throbbers, ranging from the ultra raw old school of "The Freak" to the lead's more contemporary, house tinged approach. Pick of the bunch here is the horizontal head-mashing funker, "Cosmic Connection", with its ultra-gentle tones and freky sci-fi sound FX. ****o  
©1996 Muzik
Weird electro from the label best known for its locked groove records. While too much new style electro simply aims to ape its Eighties forfathers, Synapse (otherwise known as John Selway and Jason Szostek) lace their retro beats with the sort of intimate and deeply tripped out melodies that make Global Communications so unique. Check out the wonderful "Cosmic Connection" cut for the sound of entire galaxies dancing on MDMA. Very special stuff. ****1/2  
©1996 Muzik
Serotonin Founders Szostek and Selway shake awake a house full of sleepy "Oops Upside Your Head"-flavoured electro-beats. The electro revival? Plese God, nooo!  
©1996 NME
Synapse is a collaboration between Serotonin label owners BPMF's Jason Szostek & John Selway who claim to make electro influenced techno for the '90s. Get the Freaks is a spicey stew of funked up rythms over freaky warped atmospheres. Soulful strings drift around in the backround like a naughty kid trying to get noticed. Masters of the weird and wonderful and no loops here mate.  
JW ©1996 Jocket Slut
ser-005 Youngman "Electrostep" 

With another sip of the another sip of the Serotonin serum this experimental DJ effectively intercepts the ill effects from "bins of blandness" disease. Our hero, Youngman, sets forth a superb quartet of hybrid techno drums and basses. Arranging techno frameworks with drum and bass fireworks, this is one hybrid searing into some seriously new sounding skins! Timestreched kick drums rip along side familiar freejazzing electronica like some streetfight between the Hangable Auto Bulb gang and the Private Lightning six!  

TEEP ©1997 Urb Magazine
We wait with poised buttocks for Serotonin tackle and their fifth comes from a 19-year-old student with a fitful take on the old drum 'n' bass. Basically he's mated with original electro wildness and come up with a delicious, ripsnorting mutant with a nice line in wibbly. This music can be so boring and smug that a fresh take like this comes most welcome.  
©1996 Echoes
Totally headfuck leftfield drums, so strange as to warrant smiling attention and respect. Would sound a bit strange in a conventional set but obviously a highly talented and beats conscious individual, in a league of his own somewhere between Squarepusher and Scorn. Makes you wish your arm was well over 2,000 miles long so you could pat him on the back. Alex Constantinides  
©1996 DJ 
ser-006 Dr. Walker's Psychadelic Kitchen  
ser-007 Selway "Rock them"/BPMF "Little Happy Guy Saves Mankind"  
ser-008 VA/Serotonin's Revenge  
ser-009 VA/Loops Again 
ser-010 Youngman "Electrostep Vol.2" EP  
ser-011 Szostek "Multiples" EP 

Jason Szostek, former meember of P909 and now the head honcho behind Serotonin Records NYC, certainly delivers in this release. "Electronic Personae" is very nice techie-electro, highly playable, although  sufficiently deep. More electro with "We Are the Same", this one is alittle more retro-sounding with a prominent vocodered sample that evolves throughout. On the flip side are "Identity Crisis" and "Born Again Human"... I think thses are two tracks although they flow into each other without a real break. Very sweet loungey atmosheric ambientish stuff, perfect for those chillout times. A very solid release, definately get on the electro bandwagon and check it out.  

pezboy ©1998 Activated
Online review: Urban Sounds 

Jason Szostek strikes under his own name for a change with Multiples. The title pays homage to YMO, while the music rinterprets his personality as it reflects in his music making. It sounds a bit complicated, but the music itself stands on its own feet repectably. This he says is "not a dance record" nor is it "listening music", but simply "electronic music". As bland an explanation as that may seem, it's spot on. While electro-styled rhythms creep, the overall feel reveals a debth that indicates something more. The robot vocoder on "We Are the Same" fires its conformist diatrib with an insightful wit challenging techno's reivention of itself:"every other year/we switch back to the old school/so no one has to fear/that it won't be the same". Well said.  

Kuri Kondrak ©1998 Resonance
ser-012 Selway "Zoids Vol.2" EP 

More electro madness from Serotonin, this time care of NYC's resident freak and techno-cowboy John Selway. "Millenium Sound" is straight up electro awsomeness, with more of that vocoder sillyness. Totally awesome jackin' shit.  "excession" is also on the electro tip, although this one is a little more bare, minimal, techie. B Side brings us "Position". which is on the loungey electronica freakout tip, I like it. "Velozone" is one of those pieces that dosen't fit into one, two, or three genres well at all, and this is what makes it excellent and experimental. If I had to describe it, I'd say a cross between Detroit techno, techstep D'n'B, and electro. Sorta. But not. Buy it and see, dolt!  

pezboy ©1998 Activated
schmer-001 BPMF "Delancey Tracks" 
schmer-002 Prototype 909 "The Kid's Don't Care" 
schmer-003 DJ RX-5 a.k.a. Compass Vrubell "A Taste for Crap" 
carp-001 MicroStudio "Cubensis"