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ser-003 eternal play
Various Artists Loops12 inch
Released 4/96 Black Vinyl & Jacket..$8.00 US
The first ALL LOOP 12 inch COMPILATION. Contains 68 loops by 39 artists
The number of loops provided by each artist is represented by the numer of symbols next to their name
.Electric Indigo
DJ Hell
.Acid Maria
.Roland Leesker
.Bizz OD
.Unit Mobius
.Mark Broom
.Abe fromTension Records
.DJ Odi
.Dietrich Schoenemann
.Morgan Geist
.Jonah Sharp
38 loops from 21 artists
.Carbon Boys
.Gord Henschel & Algorythm
.Legion of Green Men
.Dan Curtin
.DJ Hyperactive
.Freddie Fresh
.Auto Kinetic
.Dirty Cow Productions
.Twist Top
.Hiroshi Wantanabe
.Hiroki Tech
31 loops from 18 artists